Welcome New Scarlet Knights!

It’s time to answer the Knight’s Call!

Throughout September and October events will be highlighted as part of the Scarlet Knight Challenge. New students who take the challenge will have the opportunity to build connections with students part of the Rutgers community and connect with resources/services that will assist them in their transition.

The Scarlet Knight Challenge allows new students to start their college career in an engaging way. Those who complete the challenge will be entered to win various grand prizes such as Textbooks for a Semester!!

This contest is exclusively open to all first-year and transfer students!

*Prizes are subject to change based on availability

How to Complete and WIN

It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps and use our getInvolved Scarlet Knight Challenge guide:

Step #1 — Access your GetInvolved profile to learn about opportunities for involvement and match your interests with events/organizations on campus.

Step #2 — Attend and check in at five events that align with one of the five Knight’s Call values.

As organizations and offices create events they will be added to the getInvolved platform. These events can be found on the getINVOLVED platform using the Event filter “Categories” (Knight’s Call – Value):

Campus partners will track attendance using virtual/mobile check in

Step #3 — Track the number of Events you have attended by looking at your “Scarlet Knight Challenge 2020” Paths.

  • Start by signing in to your getInvolved profile.
  • Next, click on your profile picture in the top right of the screen (it may display your first initial if you do not have a profile picture).
  • You will see the Paths option. Click this and select the “Scarlet Knight Challenge 2020” Paths.
    • This will show you the number of events you have completed and what events you attended
    • You can set “Scarlet Knight Challenge 2020” as you default Path for easy access
    • If the “Scarlet Knight Challenge 2020” does not show up, please email orientation@echo.rutgers.edu with your NetID

Step #4 — Once your “Scarlet Knight Challenge 2020” Paths says Overall Progress 100% Complete, we will email you the first week in November with more information

How To Check-in To Events

How to Check-in Virtually:

Step #1 — Make sure you have accessed your profile on getInvolved. Your attendance will not be tracked at events without first accessing the getInvolved platform.

Step #2 — When you attend an event on virtual platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Webex make sure you are signed into your Rutgers Account. Instructions on how to access your Rutgers Account on these virtual platforms can be found below:

Step #3 — Organizers of the event will track attendance in one of two ways (This will be stated in the Event Description):

  1. Through a link sent out in the Chat Box when you are in the Zoom/Webex/Microsoft Teams Event (This is why it is crucial that you follow Step #1)
  2. Through the attendance roster after the event is over (This is why it is crucial that you follow Step #2)
  • Helpful Tips:
    • Make sure to arrive on time, so that your attendance will be counted
    • If you have any questions about checking in for an event, make sure you ask the event organizers during the event
    • If you check your “Scarlet Knight Challenge 2020” Path and you do not see your attendance was tracked, contact the event organizer (Please allow for at least 48 hours before contacting event organizers, as it can take time for your attendance to update on the getInvolved platform)