Post Orientation Checklist

  • Complete Academic Planning and Advising
    Check with your School for instructions on how to complete.
  • Submit Final Transcripts
  • Submit Immunization Forms
    If you have not already done so, submit your immunization forms at
  • Check your ScarletMail Daily
    Get in the habit of checking your email daily. You will be receiving very important information that will help prepare you for the start of your semester. This will also be the primary form of communication for all official Rutgers correspondence.
  • FERPA Waiver
    Review and discuss the FERPA waiver with your family. For more information, visit University Ethics and Compliance.
  • Order a Parking Permit/Permission
    Planning to commute or have a car on campus? Visit
  • Select a Meal Plan
    Whether you are a resident or commuter, visit your myRutgers Dashboard to choose the best meal plan for you.
  • Review Student Code of Conduct
    Visit to understand your responsibilities as a Rutgers student.
  • Sign Up for Emergency Notifications and Text Alerts from RUPD at
  • Sign Up for a Campus Mailbox
    Go to myRutgers, then “My Tab,” scroll down and find the Mail/Packages instructions.  Commuters can sign up to receive mail by emailing
  • Complete Online Learning Modules
    Check your email for information on three online learning modules (Not Anymore and Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs) that you need to complete by September 1.
  • Waive or Enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan
    Waive or Enroll at  For waiver/enrollment concerns contact University Health Plans directly at 800-437-6448.
  • Download the Rutgers App
    Never be out of the loop again! Get bus schedules, campus updates, direct links to helpful resources and academic information, and daily menus at your fingertips!
  • Download the Rec2Go App
    Stay up to date with recreation facility hours, classes, trips, and so much more!
  • Create you GetInvolved Profile
    Create your personal profile and discover different organizations that match your interests and search for different events.  Get started at

First Semester Checklist

To help you navigate your first semester, we’ve highlighted a few things we think are important.

  • Participate in Welcome Week Events
    Attend Welcome Week events the week before classes being to help with your transition to Rutgers. The full schedule will be available in August.
  • Complete the Scarlet Knight Challenge                                                                                                                                                                                                                Attend five events correlating with the Knight’s Call to be entered to win prizes! View the back cover of this book to read the Knight’s Call. Learn more online at
  • Get to Know Your Professors
    Introduce yourself before or after class, go to office hours for extra help, and/or communicate via email. Your professors are a key support and resource for your academic success.
  • Learn the Rutgers Bus System
    Keep your bus system card handy until you have the routes down. It’s only a matter of time before you’re speaking the RU Bus Lingo. Check the back of this booklet for a helpful guide.
  • Pay Your Term Bill
    Your due date can be found on your bill. Visit myRutgers to view your bill and learn more about your payment options.
  • Get Involved!
    Join a club or organization that has shared interests or enhances your academic experience outside of the classroom. Attend student organization events to stay connected and meet new people!
  • Parent and Family Weekend
    Invite your parents and family members to visit during Parent and Family Weekend (October 23-25,2020). For more information visit
  • Meet with Your Academic Advisor
    Schedule a meeting to review your academic progress and plans. Lay out your next few semesters and make a list of classes you can take.
  • Register for Your Upcoming Semester Classes
    Once you’ve met with your advisor and are given access to register, choose your classes for the upcoming semester. Use Degree Navigator and WebReg to aid the process.