Orientation is the beginning of your time on campus. As such, we want to remind you that this means that you are responsible for adhering to the University Code of Conduct and Residential Life policies.

Below are a list of some of the more common violations that you should be aware of before joining us for New Student Orientation.


As a Rutgers student and an orientation guest it is your responsibility to both know and adhere to university and residential life policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may lead to your immediate removal from our program.
Below are a list of common policies that you should be aware of during your time at new student orientation:

You may find the rest of both the Rutgers Student Conduct Code and Residence Life policies here. We want to stress that the policies are in place to ensure the your safety, health and enjoyment of the orientation program so it is important that you abide by all of these policies.


At New Student Orientation we take the safety and integrity of our program very seriously. We enforce university policies because it helps to ensure that all of our attendees can enjoy and benefit from our program.  Additionally, attending orientation is a part of your experience as a Rutgers student. You are no longer a guest or “just visiting”. Violations of the above policies can lead to:

  • the creation of a student conduct record
  • sanctions that must be completed by an assigned date
  • a conduct meeting with the Dean of Students

This is your home now. The following actions will result in immediate dismissal from our program.

  • any crime that leads to an arrest
  • non-compliance with any staff member’s request or instructions
  • any transport to a hospital as a result of consumption of alcohol or a controlled substance