Upstream Red Team, Join the O Team!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an orientation leader! Being an orientation leader is a tremendous opportunity for smart, hard working, positive students who wish to share their Rutgers pride with our incoming students and their families.

Information sessions to apply to be an orientation leader for Summer 2019 run from November 2 to November 16. You must attend an information session to apply!

Other Important Dates:

Applications Sent Out: November 16 after 5pm

Applications Due: December 2 at 11:59 PM

Group Interviews: January 28 – February 5

Individual Interviews: February 11 – February 22

New Hire Meeting: March 31

All dates subject to change.

If you have any questions, please contact us as orientation@echo.rutgers.edu.

Information Session Dates:

Friday, November 2
12:30 PM in LSC 201

Monday, November 5
6:30 PM in CASC 109

Tuesday, November 6
6:30 PM in BSC 120

Wednesday, November 7
6:30 PM in DSC Meeting Room B

Thursday, November 8
5:30 PM in LSC 201

Friday, November 9
12:30 PM in CASC 411

Monday, November 12
5:30 PM in BSC 120

Tuesday, November 13
5:30 PM in CSC 202 B

Wednesday, November 14
5:30 PM in LSC 201

Thursday, November 15
5:30 PM in CASC 411

Friday, November 16
12:30 PM and 4:00 PM in LSC 202

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

To apply for the orientation leader position you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a currently enrolled Rutgers undergraduate student with at least one completed semester by January 2019
  • Must be a matriculating undergraduate student for fall semester of 2019
  • Attend one mandatory information sessions scheduled November 2-16th 2018.

What are information sessions (info sessions)?

Each info-session is typically an hour. FRecruitment Team Leaders will walk you through all the important information you should know before applying, such as GPA requirements, what we are looking for in our OLs, summer availability and other important dates, and benefits. There is certain information many applicants look past, and we want to make sure each applicant is as well-informed as possible on what this job entails.

Do I have to be involved on campus in order to become an OL?

Being involved on campus is a great benefit to applicant but not a requirement. In fact many previous orientation leaders were never formally involved on campus before being hired to be an orientation leader.

Can I take summer classes or have a summer job/internship? What about vacations and time-off?

The time demands of this position are great. From mid-May to mid-August our orientation staff spends the overwhelming majority of its time working to serve our incoming students and their families. For example, a typical day one of a two day program begins at 7:15am and does not end until midnight. As such we do not allow orientation staff to take classes of any type during the summer. Vacations, while not impossible to take, are dictated by the orientation summer scheduled. Each year staff receive one week in the month of July as a “vacation week”. Aside from those set days staff will not be excused from work for any reasons other than illness.

I haven’t gotten an email yet with a link to the application?

Please make sure you are checking the Scarletmail account you provided at the information session. In addition make sure to orientation@echo.rutgers.edu to your contacts. If there is still an issue please email orientation@echo.rutgers.edu

Can I live off-campus during the summer?

Orientation student staff are required to live in provided on-campus housing during and the evening prior to work days. This requirement does not preclude student staff from having an off-campus residence/lease during the summer. New Student Orientation and Family Programs does not provide any additional compensation for any student staff who do have an off-campus residence/lease.

During the summer, what's a typical work week like for Orientation Leaders?

Most work weeks will include working Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday. Certain weeks may include Transfer Sessions, which typically are held on Wednesdays. Work weeks can sometimes be in excess of 40 hours. Because of the rigorous schedule, we encourage each staff member to constantly take care of their health and body.

What types of characteristics or abilities are you looking for in the Orientation Leader candidates?

Many people tend to assume that OLs need to be outgoing, high energy and extroverted. However, that is not true. There is no set list of characteristics we look for in an Orientation Leader. Each year we hire a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds who have different personalities, strengths leadership and work experiences. Each individual’s uniqueness is what makes our program so special. However, some of the qualities we look for in our leaders include team spirit, cooperation, management skills, adaptability to change, and work ethic.