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Welcome to the Scarlet Knight Family!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at an upcoming Virtual Orientation Session!  Our primary goal is to ensure that every student leaves their orientation program with the resources, tools and answers to make sure their first semester is a successful one.  All new students are expected to attend a summer orientation program.  Below you will find the date and start time for each orientation session (all times are Eastern Standard-Times). Please note, you must be available for the duration of the orientation program.

What are Priority Sessions? 

Priority Sessions are dates that include breakout sessions for select academic schools or affinity groups. These breakout sessions will allow you to hear important information from advisors/faculty from your school of registration or area of interest. Course registration does not occur during priority sessions meeting times; you will receive more information about academic advising directly from your academic college/school.   

Majors and Academic Schools

Students in the following majors are strongly encouraged to attend a priority session for their academic school/college on the dates below. While students may attend any available orientation date, these priority sessions will feature a customized academic meeting with their school/college immediately following their orientation program.

  • Honors College (open only to students in the Honors College): July 6
  • College of Nursing: July 22
  • College of Business: July 13, July 19, July 29
  • School of Engineering: June 28, July 1, July 9, July 12, July 13, July 15
  • School of Environmental and Biological Sciences: July 15, July 20, August 6

Affinity Groups


Rutgers University–New Brunswick ranks as one of the top most LGBTQA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual) friendly schools in the nation, according to Campus PRIDE Index.  We warmly welcome you to the family.  All new and transfer LGBTQA+ Scarlet Knights are invited to join us for Q-mmunity, an interactive virtual experience designed to introduce new and transfer LGBTQA+ Scarlet Knights, along with our allies, to the academic and co-curricular resources, opportunities for involvement and programs that are available on our campus.  Our Q-mmunity Leaders (QLs) are LGBTQA+ identified and ally students who will lead you through your virtual experience and also share their journey.  By the end of the experience, you will begin your exciting collegiate journey connected to a core group of folx with tons of love and resources to take with you.

Q-mmunity will be hosted virtually on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 from 12:30pm – 5:30pm.

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Black & Retreat

While students can attend any available orientation date, the Paul Robeson Cultural Center invites you to the Black & Retreat, a 2-day orientation session on July 23-24. This session will not only welcome students who identify as Black / from the African diaspora (e.g., African, Afro-Carribean, West Indian, African American, and many more) to Rutgers – New Brunswick, it will also address the specific and particular needs of Black students navigating Rutgers. Students who participate in this session will build community with students, faculty and staff, discover various ways to get involved, resources, and tips for wellness and success. The Paul Robeson Cultural Center is committed to reflecting on the experiences of the African diaspora, to help one another process, navigate, heal and advance within society and the university community.

Black & Retreat will be hosted virtually on July 23-24, 2021.

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Date Event Time Priority Session
Monday, June 22nd First Year Session 1 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, June 23rd First Year Session 2 1:00 PM School of Engineering
Wednesday, June 24th Transfer Session 1 10:00 AM  
Thursday, June 25th Transfer Session 2 10:00 AM  
Monday, June 29th First Year Session 3 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, June 30th First Year Session 4 1:00 PM School of Engineering


Date Event Time Priority Session
Monday, July 6th First Year Session 5 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, July 7th First Year Session 6 1:00 PM Honors College*
Wednesday, July 8th Transfer Session 3 10:00 AM  
Thursday, July 9th
First Year Session 7 1:00 PM  
Friday, July 10th
First Year Session 8 10:00 AM School of Engineering
Monday, July 13th First Year Session 9 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, July 14th First Year Session 10 1:00 PM School of Engineering
Wednesday, July 15th
Parent/Family Evening Session    
Wednesday, July 15th Transfer Session 4 10:00 AM  
Thursday, July 16th
First Year Session 11 1:00 PM  
Friday, July 17th First Year Session 12 10:00 AM  
Monday, July 20th
First Year Session 13 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, July 21st First Year Session 14 1:00 PM  
Wednesday, July 22nd Transfer Session 5 10:00 AM  
Thursday, July 23rd
First Year Session 15 1:00 PM School of Environmental
and Biological Sciences
Friday, July 24th
First Year Session 16 10:00 AM  
Monday, July 27th First Year Session 17 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, July 28th
First Year Session 18 1:00 PM  
Thursday, July 30th
First Year Session 19 1:00 PM  
Friday, July 31st First Year Session 20 10:00 AM School of Nursing

*Honors College students are encouraged to sign up for the July 7th date.  Please note there will be an Honors College breakout session on July 8th from 1-3 pm.  All participants will be notified via their Rutgers email on how to participate.


Date Event Time Priority Session
Monday, August 3rd First Year Session 21 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, August 4th
First Year Session 22 1:00 PM School of Environmental
and Biological Sciences
Wednesday, August 5th
Parent/Family Evening Session    
Wednesday, August 5th
Transfer Session 6 10:00 AM  
Thursday, August 6th First Year Session 23 1:00 PM  
Friday, August 7th First Year Session 24 10:00 AM  
Monday, August 10th
First Year Session 25 10:00 AM  
Tuesday, August 11th
First Year Session 26 1:00 PM School of Environmental
and Biological Sciences
Wednesday, August 12th
Transfer Session Evening 7