Activate Your NetID

To activate your Rutgers Net ID visit

On the left hand side of the page click “Activate Net ID” and follow the instructions.

Activate Your Scarletmail E-mail Account

Your Scarletmail email account will be the primary way that many university offices will contact you so it will be very important for you to create your account after you activate your NET ID.

Make sure to begin using and checking this account on a regular basis.

To activate your Scarletmail:

  1. Visit
  2. On the left-hand side of the page click “Service Activation”
  3. Log in using your NetID and password
  4. Check the box next to "ScarletApps, including ScarletMail"
  5. Follow directions for activation


Upload Your Photo for A Rutgers Photo ID

You will need to upload your photo on your MyRutgers Dashboard at least 10 days before their orientation session (detailed instructions about submitting photo IDs are listed on your MyRutgers Dashboard).  You will receive your ID at the completion of your orientation session.

Sign Up for Orientation

Signing up for Orientation is easy but don’t delay. Spaces for our orientation programs are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to choose an orientation program by June 15th by visiting your MyRutgers Dashboard.

Register Your Parents for Parent and Family Orientation

When you register for your orientation you are asked to provide us with the contact information of a family member. Many students INCORRECTLY believe that this is how family members are registered for Parent and Family Orientation.

Parents and family members who wish to attend Parent and Family Orientation can reserve their space for their orientation session at this website.

Parent and family members attending during the summer DO NOT need to attend the Parent and Family Orientation session that takes place on the same day as their student’s orientation session. Family members can attend ANY session during the summer. Please note that space at our Parent and Family Orientation sessions are limited so please purchase your spot as soon as you can.

Waive or Enroll in The Student Health Insurance Plan

Rutgers University requires full-time and ALL F&J Rutgers Visa sponsored students to waive or enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan each semester. If you have health insurance, you can complete a waiver form to get the premium removed from your term bill, or if you do not have health insurance, complete the enrollment form.

Visit to complete the waiver/enrollment forms, view deadline dates, rates, and specific contact information.

*Students can and should attend NSO even if they have not done the above.

Return Your Immunization Records Form

Submit your Immunization Records at *

*Students can and should attend NSO even if they have not done the above.